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Jockey Woman is a place that celebrates what it means to be a woman and the many, many ways one can do so. It is free of boxes and stereotypes; instead celebrating the uniqueness of every woman, her varying tastes, and distinctive personalities. Here you’ll find solo travelogues, fashion tips, literature for your every mood, and much more – curated by women, for women.

  • Zumba Fever with a Retro Beat
    The Zumba Trail has blazed the whole world. with over 150 million enthusiasts acroos the globe, Zumba is one of the fastest growing fitness trends, white your moves are important, so is the way you groove to your music. Most trainers have playlists with high-tempo genres of Reggaeton, and House music created electronically – very few try
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  • Fashioning a Flawless Face — The Celebrity Way
    In a world of contoured cheekbones and painted faces, it’s hard to make up your mind when picking your arsenal of beauty enhancers. Do you go bold or go home? Is strobing the same as highlighting? And wasn’t baking what we used to do to cupcakes? With so many terms and techniques, it almost seems like creating a striking look has become a
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  • Styling for a Rainy Day
    Monsoon season means soft raindrops against the windowpane, hot chai and samosas, and that uniquely unpleasant feel of wet denims. With the weather rapidly shifting from blazing heat to humid downpours, it’s time to drop your summer styles and get your wardrobe monsoon ready. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your sense of style from
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  • What Does It Mean For Underwear To ‘Know You’?
    As a woman, I can confidently say that out of all the relationships I’ve ever had, the most consistent and complicated one has been with my underwear… and that’s one relationship we can’t afford to end. Sure, we’re all eager to find a partner that understands us and our every need but finding the right underwear that does the same is just as
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  • Books are a Girl’s Best Friend
    Growing up, books were my best friends. They offered worlds filled with adventure and populated by a cast of intriguing characters. Years later, I can still rely on a book for advice, inspiration, or an escape from the daily humdrum of life. The thing is, no matter where you are in life, you’re never to old for a good book. Here are three
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  • Hot in 2018 – What new athleisure trends are popping
    Two things have been making my hair – whatever is left of it – fall this past week: 1) my Schengen visa application being stuck in consulate limbo and 2) how I should pack prudently for the same trip. But come weekend, I realized there was only one thing I had any control over. All energies were then focused on finding the perfect mix of
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  • A Woman’s Guide to Adding Comfort to Couture
    The debate began after the first few visionary women chose to sport their yoga outfits on the street — could leggings really be worn as pants? People flocked to Twitter, Instagram, and fashion blogs to voice their opinions. Supporters of stretch argued for comfort and convenience, whereas the proponents of ‘propah’ insisted that style and
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  • Couture for your Coiffure
    My hair is wet, nay! If only I had more time… Towel saves the day. My haiku skills may be limited, but I know a thing or two about hair. Having had my fair share of bad hair days, I consider myself a quasi-expert on taming wild strands. Obviously, your first reaction to terrible tresses should be to shampoo your mane back into shape. But
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  • Greta Gerwig is the Icon we’ve been waiting for
    “I like things that look like mistakes”, reveals Greta Gerwig in her role as Frances Ha in the eponymous 2012 film — the confident-yet-unassuming declaration of a woman who has finally come into her own.   From the earliest talkies to more recent superhero action-fests, women have typically been used as eye-candy. The overarching
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