Youre always told you should be pushing your boundaries, striving for your most difficult goals. Youre also told that the easiest way to do this is to scare yourself with something new every day.

Heres a list of adventure enthusiasts who will inspire you to do just that. After all, #YOLO.

David Webb @ Across and
Webb is a travel writer and magazine editor (explore, British Columbia Magazine), adventure traveller, and explorer. His blog is an account of his travel escapades, making you privy to infinite details; getting enveloped in a 60 km/hr gale in search of a summit, scrambling over exposed rivers in the Arctic like Bambi, scouting an alpine itinerary in the wild and, his bejewelled beard in a windblown, rock-strewn incline of snow and ice. He runs into a plethora of wonderful people through the course of his journeys industrialists and nomads alike. From being offered frozen caribou carcass to keep his belly warm and having it thaw and turn bloody in his mouth to bunking with a 72-year old nomad who hunts and fishes for food, Webbs first encounter with the Inuit is quite the anecdote.

Webb started blogging to share travels and tips with the world – to inspire and to entertain. Hes fulfilled the purpose of his blog, we thinks

If you still have second thoughts, well have you know that Webbs article At Home in a Great Land is nominated for a 2015 Explore Canada Media Award of Excellence.

Matt Gibson @
Gibson travels the world documenting outdoor adventures and unique cultural phenomena in words and pictures. His blog charts stories and photo-essays about his life abroad, interviews with inspiring adventurers, and useful travel tips (we know we need those!). He draws attention to rare geographic oddities that show nature at work in bizarre and spectacular ways – like the Antelope Canyon in Utah or the Doorway to Hell in Turkmenistan. His reputation for adventure also saw him invited by Travel Manitoba and Northern Soul to film a canoe trip down the Manigotagan – quite the achievement for the novice canoer. Particular due is paid to snowboarding (one of Gibsons childhood fascinations); he puts his travels on hold every winter to return to the Canadian cliffs to do research.

If his images of crawling through an ice cave dont force you to plan a trek in the Maligne Canyon, nothing will!

Melissa Arnot @
A professional mountain guide, Arnot has stood at the peaks of some of the most beautiful mountain chains. Her life is about exploring, climbing, and pushing her limits in the mountains of the world. Arnot is celebrated for being the first US woman to climb Mt Everest (a feat she has accomplished not once, but five times!) without supplemental oxygen. To give you some sense of what that means, of the 6,000 times Mt Everest has been scaled, only 60 climbers have done so without an oxygen tank. Her ultimate joy however comes from sharing that journey with others – helping them push their own limits and reaching their own summits. Fits right in with driving yourself with something new to do, doesnt it? She also works as a remote site emergency medical technician and wilderness medicine instructor, and has become quite the celebrity guide and adventurer.
Melissas adventures are all waiting to be combed through on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. A hashtag girl indeed.

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