Athleisure for your favorite fitness regime

Gone are the days of wearing baggy shorts and a ratty old t-shirt on your daily run. Sure, physical activity is about getting fit. But who says you can’t look good while you’re nailing those push-ups? Unattractive, uncomfortable sportswear is no longer the only option — 2018’s hottest trend, Athleisure combines comfort, style, and function to give you fashion that’s easily adaptable to your favorite workout. Let’s see how you can get in on this trend, no matter what your workout regime:



With half-marathons, 5Ks, and charity runs happening almost every second day, anyone who’s everyone is lacing up their running shoes. Whether you’re an early riser, or prefer running after work, the right athleisure ensures you stand out, night or day, while incorporating stretchable, quick-drying fabrics. Go muted with stylish grays and pastels or add a pop of color to your daily run with bright reds and pinks And if you’re a truly passionate runner, throw in a smart watch to track everything from your pace to your heart rate. Most importantly though, good-quality, comfortable running shoes are non-negotiable — they lessen the impact of every step and cushion your feet in case of heavy landing. Top off your tank and shorts with a waterproof windbreaker, and you’re all set, come rain or shine.



Be it comedian and actor Russell Brand, basketball star Shaquille O’Neal, or Material Girl Madonna, the who’s who of sports and entertainment swear by the benefits of this ancient Indian discipline. While we can’t promise you a body like Madonna’s, we can definitely make sure you look like a star even if you’re struggling with your Suryanamaskars. Yoga pants are a huge part of athleisure — from bright shades and funky, digital prints to solid colors and mesh panels. Once you find a pair that matches your style, team it with a loose t-shirt or a fitted tank for a chic yet comfortable look. However, if you’re a fan of Bikram Yoga, quick-drying yoga shorts might be the best choice. Either way, don’t forget a well-fitting sports bra .



A more recent entrant into the fitness scene, Zumba has fast become one of the most popular workouts worldwide. It is essentially a dance-based cardio routine that integrated  elements of samba, salsa, and mambo, among others. So it goes without saying that Zumba’s energetic pace and foot-tapping beats call for some funky athleisure. Go for all-over compression leggings in interesting patterns and prints, and match these with a snug t-shirt made of a moisture-wicking fabric. Invest in a high-impact sports bra in neon colors or bold prints, and make sure your shoes are breathable and lightweight, allowing for flexibility of movement. Check out Jockey’s fun athleisure range for clothing that’ll add flair to your moves!

Go ahead and give your workout wardrobe a trendy update — be it at the gym or your local cafe, athleisure will have you looking your best at every step of your fitness journey and beyond!


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