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  • 3 things women around the world are doing
    Solange gave us another great Knowles album The less conspicuous of the Knowles sisters is back with a rich fresco of collaborations, black history, and her upbringing in Texas. When I Get Home — her fourth studio album — takes off where A Seat At The Table landed, with some of the best songwriting this side of Joni Mitchell — if one can call
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  • Mirror Mirror
    Mirror Mirror I wake up I consult my fortress of shining mirrors and bright lights I look within; slowly but surely I begin to see all I need to seize the day — me, myself. Get this look Isaac NicoIsaac is currently in the middle of an existential crisis, contemplating the profound and profane in equal earnest.
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  • Hot in 2018 – What new athleisure trends are popping
    Two things have been making my hair – whatever is left of it – fall this past week: 1) my Schengen visa application being stuck in consulate limbo and 2) how I should pack prudently for the same trip. But come weekend, I realized there was only one thing I had any control over. All energies were then focused on finding the perfect mix of
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  • 5 Fitness Trends to go With Your Activewear
    We’re nearing that time of year again. The one where, after gorging ourselves on Christmas cakes and cookies, we look at ourselves in the mirror and say “New year, new me!” Of course, dropping those extra pounds are often easier said than done for most of us. Luckily, each year brings us new workout routines we can experiment with. Here are 5
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  • Where were you?
    A look back at historical moments from the Jockey timeline. As the collective human race, we possess the most curious need to validate our life’s moments by alluding to pages in world history. We’ve all heard the phrase – where were you when <enter significant historical event> happened? Jockey’s history has seen it be part of many such
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