Author: Prashant

  • Road to Madrid
    The Champions League Round of 16 is fast looming on the wintry European horizon, and fans are rubbing their hands as much in anticipation as for warmth. With 13-time champions and 3-time defending champions Real Madrid seemingly steeped in turmoil, it’s up to the other 15 clubs to stake their claim in Europe’s elite competition. To do so, they
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  • Football in India
    The dawn before daylight? The Beautiful Game is, by some distance, the most popular sport in the world. So what does a country that holds over 17% of the world’s population feel about it? The easy answer would be that it isn’t as popular as The Gentleman’s Game. While that may still be true, cricket’s long-standing monopoly of the Indian
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  • Russia’s ready. How about you?
    Fans have their say about their team’s chances in this year’s FIFA World Cup. Would you believe it? It’s already time for the next football world cup! Has it really been four years since the 7-1 thrashing that Germany handed out to Brazil? Well, one thing’s for sure — Russia 2018 can’t come soon enough for the Samba. The five-time world
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  • Bringing ‘fabulous’ to fabrics
    Sports and technology have always gone hand-in-hand. Without technology, we wouldn’t be able to watch games at the comfort of our couches, nor would we be able to fall back on instant replays when we miss crucial, game-changing moments. While broadcasting has evolved with the times and transformed the way sport is now watched, what of the
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  • Men’s underwear: a brief overview
    Here’s a simple question. Does your underwear fit you well? An indifferent, almost inaudible ‘meh’ is probably what you’d manage. But think of it this way — underwear is the first thing you slip into every morning of every day. It’s also the one garment that is constantly in contact with your skin.  Now, do you really believe that a
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