Author: Shivangi Narain

  • The Early Bird Gets the Gains
    Another new year has come and gone, and I’ve made the same resolution as last year, the year before that, the year before that, and — well, you get the picture. But this is definitely going to be the year I find the perfect workout routine and stick to it. Because this year I’m biting the bullet and doing my workouts in the morning. Now, I’m a
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  • A New York State of Mind: Life on The High Line
    New York City is the classic concrete jungle — characterized by its towering skyscrapers with brick facades and neon signs for color. But even in this awe-inspiring, expansive manmade structure, it’s possible to find a refreshing stretch of nature. No, I’m not talking about Central Park. There’s an equally memorable green space in a more
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  • Going For Gold: My Picks for the 2019 Oscars
    Another year, another Oscars. As awards season draws to a close, speculation is rife on which film will win the prestigious Academy Award. It’s early days yet. Nominations were announced just last month, and we only recently learned that the show will have no host this year. So it’s a bit far-fetched to think we can predict the winners. But
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  • Exploring the colorful world of anime
    My first real introduction to the colorful and somewhat absurd world of anime was through a rather bombastic and often cheesy show called ‘Fairy Tail’. I’ve been a fan ever since. You may have heard the word before, courtesy of popular shows such as Pokémon. But for many outside of Japan, it can be an intimidating medium. With so many shows,
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  • New Year, New Me
    New Year’s Day has come and gone, so I’ve been taking a long, hard look within to find out what I need to change about myself. And after weeks of soul-searching (by the way are these things supposed to take so long?), I finally managed to come up with a little list. I think I’ve got 2019 in the bag.   Shivangi NarainShivangi’s
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  • 12 Days of Christmas with Jockey
    We’re counting down to Christmas. 12 days. 12 exceptional media to get you in the mood. Stories, music, movies.. We’ve got it all. On the first day of Christmas, Jockey gave to me… …Some mind-blowing holiday stories Title:The Telegraph Christmas Tales Medium: Podcast What’s the Christmas season without stories read aloud by a
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