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  • Switch It Up To Sweat It Out
    Let’s be honest: most of us hate working out, however fun it claims to be. Yes, even something fun like Zumba can be exhausting. And that’s probably why, when you find a routine that’s easy-ish and works for you, you stick to it for months on end. But whether you’re huffing and puffing at the weight rack or jogging slowly down a grassy path,
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  • Kimye — Power Couple of Athleisure
    As a famous man once sang — “No one man should have all that power”. But a duo as dynamic as that man, Kanye West, and his wife, Kim Kardashian, might just be able to handle it. If you follow the media, you know that the couple packs a powerful punch. Being highly visible in the public eye and at the forefront of pop culture has made them a
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  • I spent 3 hours at an airport thinking about socks
    A 3-hour layover at Mumbai airport’s international terminal isn’t too bad. There are multiple things you could do — shop, watch Netflix, check something off your reading list by actually using that Kindle — which you bought specifically for the situation you are in right now — for once! But, I did what anyone who was spoiled for
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  • Thermal Versatility
    The term ’thermals’ brings about the image of safety in my mind instantly. Something that keeps you warm, safe, snug even. But recently, I feel like I’ve been having more fun with my winter innerwear. For one, I’ve stopped treating it like innerwear completely. Sure, it’s a happy layer to buckle up my body with in the cold winters. But I’ve
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  • Sock It! — Unusual Uses for Socks
    I’ve had an obsession with socks for as far as I can remember. I bet I was the only 11-year-old I knew who had not one, but two drawers dedicated to socks. Peds, ankle-highs, knee-highs, stockings — you name it, I had it. But my obsession got really intense around 8th grade. Back then, I worshipped Matthew Gray Gubler —  infamous for wearing
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  • About a Girl (and her Jockeys)
    I think the first time I ever came across a Jockey product was when I saw my mum hanging out the laundry — a pair of my dad’s trunks in particular — with a big, bold ‘Jockey’ embroidered on the waist band. I didn’t give the word much thought at the time, of course, because I was just a kid. And in that moment, I never could’ve fathomed the
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