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  • TV moments that made us warm and mushy on the inside
    As winter draws closer, all you want to do is find something warm to do. And what’s better than an evening spent on a comfy couch with a cup of hot chocolate — binging on your favorite tv-show to help you warm up from the inside out. So, we’ve come up with four moments on TV that are so heartwarming that it will even melt Cersei Lannister’s
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  • The Definitive Article to Address Your Game of Thrones Withdrawal Symptoms
    Now that the Game of Thrones has come to an end, it’s time to figure out how in the seven hells you’re going to cope with the colossal void in your life. If you’re lost for ideas, consider these suggestions inspired by some of our favorite citizens of Westeros!   Melisandre aka The Red Woman     Find it challenging to read signs
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  • The Top 5 Netflix Documentaries We’ve Been Bingeing
    It’s usually the avant-garde movies and cutting-edge TV shows that get all the attention on Netflix. Yet, the platform also has a whole range of incredible documentaries that are totally binge-worthy. People usually think of documentaries as boring and technical, but many documentaries on Netflix are far more gripping than most works of
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