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  • Road to Madrid
    The Champions League Round of 16 is fast looming on the wintry European horizon, and fans are rubbing their hands as much in anticipation as for warmth. With 13-time champions and 3-time defending champions Real Madrid seemingly steeped in turmoil, it’s up to the other 15 clubs to stake their claim in Europe’s elite competition. To do so, they
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  • New Year, New Me
    New Year’s Day has come and gone, so I’ve been taking a long, hard look within to find out what I need to change about myself. And after weeks of soul-searching (by the way are these things supposed to take so long?), I finally managed to come up with a little list. I think I’ve got 2019 in the bag.   Shivangi NarainShivangi’s
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  • Thermal Versatility
    The term ’thermals’ brings about the image of safety in my mind instantly. Something that keeps you warm, safe, snug even. But recently, I feel like I’ve been having more fun with my winter innerwear. For one, I’ve stopped treating it like innerwear completely. Sure, it’s a happy layer to buckle up my body with in the cold winters. But I’ve
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  • Sock It! — Unusual Uses for Socks
    I’ve had an obsession with socks for as far as I can remember. I bet I was the only 11-year-old I knew who had not one, but two drawers dedicated to socks. Peds, ankle-highs, knee-highs, stockings — you name it, I had it. But my obsession got really intense around 8th grade. Back then, I worshipped Matthew Gray Gubler —  infamous for wearing
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  • Jockey: A Fit for All Seasons
    Like many boys who grew up in India, my earliest memory of Jockey involves my father. My dad is a stand-up guy. He worked his way up in the same company for over 30 years, putting in the hours day-after-day, and still made time for his family and himself. While he sparked in me a love for reading, writing, and listening to The Beatles and The
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  • Don’t Panic and Carry a Towel
    Towels — they’re the unsung hero of the household. Don’t believe me? Just take stock of how many towels you use — in the bathroom, kitchen, and even the gym. Although they’re an item we use all the time, we never put a lot of thought into buying them. Personally, I used to grab any random towel from the store as and when I needed
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