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Be understood without having to explain yourself.

Jockey Woman is a place that celebrates what it means to be a woman and the many, many ways one can do so. It is free of boxes and stereotypes; instead celebrating the uniqueness of every woman, her varying tastes, and distinctive personalities. Here you’ll find solo travelogues, fashion tips, literature for your every mood, and much more – curated by women, for women.

  • Five players to watch at the Fifa Women’s World Cup 2019
    While the average football fan might be able list a dozen names of male superstars in their sleep, they’d likely find a surplus of fingers counting the women players they know.   Women’s football isn’t considered glamorous like the men’s game which is inundated with ludicrous transfer fees, advertising contracts, and salaries, creating
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  • 3 things women around the world are doing
    Solange gave us another great Knowles album The less conspicuous of the Knowles sisters is back with a rich fresco of collaborations, black history, and her upbringing in Texas. When I Get Home — her fourth studio album — takes off where A Seat At The Table landed, with some of the best songwriting this side of Joni Mitchell — if one can call
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  • These 3 Incredible Women Are Making Waves in Indian Music
    With the digital platform offering so much access to musicians, the Indian music scene is abuzz with so many different sounds, styles, and genres. Women are making a mark in Indian music in a way that simply wasn’t possible before. “Female playback singer” is no longer the only option for an aspiring female artist in India. From Indian
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  • Why every woman at work relates to AOC
    To say Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a force to be reckoned with is an understatement. As the youngest woman ever to be elected to the American House of Congress, she’s created history, broken glass ceilings, and become an inspiration to every little girl who one day dreams of holding a political office. However, when she’s not busy campaigning
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  • Thermal Versatility
    The term ’thermals’ brings about the image of safety in my mind instantly. Something that keeps you warm, safe, snug even. But recently, I feel like I’ve been having more fun with my winter innerwear. For one, I’ve stopped treating it like innerwear completely. Sure, it’s a happy layer to buckle up my body with in the cold winters. But I’ve
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  • About a Girl (and her Jockeys)
    I think the first time I ever came across a Jockey product was when I saw my mum hanging out the laundry — a pair of my dad’s trunks in particular — with a big, bold ‘Jockey’ embroidered on the waist band. I didn’t give the word much thought at the time, of course, because I was just a kid. And in that moment, I never could’ve fathomed the
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  • Jockey Woman
    It feels good to be understood without having to explain yourself. Doesn’t it? When you’re not being stereotyped. When you’re not being put in a box. Or generalized. When someone understands that every woman is unique. Especially our bodies. That we come in all shapes and sizes. With different tastes. With distinctive personalities. Not
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  • A Breakdown of Every Makeover Movie Ever
    Gone are the days when “faith, trust, and pixie dust” could do the trick to get you what you want. Now, you need to throw in a little mascara, stilettos and a new personality too. That’s the message every makeover movie tries to sell us. And boy do we buy it! I mean, come on! Who doesn’t want to believe the whole ‘the pudgy
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  • Styling for a Rainy Day
    Monsoon season means soft raindrops against the windowpane, hot chai and samosas, and that uniquely unpleasant feel of wet denims. With the weather rapidly shifting from blazing heat to humid downpours, it’s time to drop your summer styles and get your wardrobe monsoon ready. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your sense of style from
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