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Jockey Woman is a place that celebrates what it means to be a woman and the many, many ways one can do so. It is free of boxes and stereotypes; instead celebrating the uniqueness of every woman, her varying tastes, and distinctive personalities. Here you’ll find solo travelogues, fashion tips, literature for your every mood, and much more – curated by women, for women.

  • Interesting Outfit Ideas To Bring In 2021 In Style!
    So, 2020 has almost come to an end and while the festivities may seem a little different this year, your outfit can be just as stunning as ever! Yes, you read that right! No matter if you are quarantining with a set of special people, celebrating whilst social distancing in a garden or virtually hanging out with your folks; this festive
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  • Underwear commandments women should live by
    Believe it or not, there’s an underwear rulebook  When it comes to certain pieces of clothing in our wardrobes, we put in the extra effort and care to maintain them — sturdy hangers, garment bags, and dry cleaning. What most of us don’t realize though is that our underwear needs a bit of extra TLC as well. So, for the sake of your lingerie and
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  • Essentials for every mood: The innerwear edit
    Keep your lingerie drawer stocked! We’ve all heard of the basic wardrobe essentials, from a little black dress to classic blue jeans (both of which, oddly enough, have perfumes inspired by them). What we don’t talk about enough though, is the innerwear that is essential to fashion. Having the perfect outfit at an event means little if you
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  • Women of the Decade
    The 10 Women Who Rocked the 2010s and Why While news bulletins are rife with reports of women’s rights being violated worldwide, it’s also true that in recent times, women have reclaimed their power and made their voices heard like never before. The 2010s have seen the rise of so many women of substance — who stand up for what they believe in
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  • Kim Clijsters — could this be the mother of all comebacks?
    Grand Slam champion Kim Clijsters recently announced her return to competitive tennis in 2020. The 36-year-old mother of three said she’s been feeling stronger and more energetic in the last six months, and wants to make a concerted effort towards being the best in the world today.   This announcement comes in the wake of a fairly strong
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  • Five players to watch at the Fifa Women’s World Cup 2019
    While the average football fan might be able list a dozen names of male superstars in their sleep, they’d likely find a surplus of fingers counting the women players they know.   Women’s football isn’t considered glamorous like the men’s game which is inundated with ludicrous transfer fees, advertising contracts, and salaries, creating
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  • 3 things women around the world are doing
    Solange gave us another great Knowles album The less conspicuous of the Knowles sisters is back with a rich fresco of collaborations, black history, and her upbringing in Texas. When I Get Home — her fourth studio album — takes off where A Seat At The Table landed, with some of the best songwriting this side of Joni Mitchell — if one can call
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  • These 3 Incredible Women Are Making Waves in Indian Music
    With the digital platform offering so much access to musicians, the Indian music scene is abuzz with so many different sounds, styles, and genres. Women are making a mark in Indian music in a way that simply wasn’t possible before. “Female playback singer” is no longer the only option for an aspiring female artist in India. From Indian
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