Fashioning a Flawless Face — The Celebrity Way

In a world of contoured cheekbones and painted faces, it’s hard to make up your mind when picking your arsenal of beauty enhancers. Do you go bold or go home? Is strobing the same as highlighting? And wasn’t baking what we used to do to cupcakes? With so many terms and techniques, it almost seems like creating a striking look has become a science. Luckily, we’re here to help. We’re drawing inspiration from some truly stunning divas and taking you through three iconic celebrity makeup brands. We’re also throwing in some useful tips along the way. With these at your disposal, you’re one step away from red-carpet readiness! Let’s go!


Put Your Best Face Forward

Every artist needs a canvas. And that’s what your face can be — a work of art — with the right start. A solid foundation, if you will. It helps greatly when said foundation is the exact shade you need.

Every artist needs a canvas.

When RiRi launched Fenty Beauty in September last year, it took the fashion world by storm. The Barbadian singer-songwriter unwittingly launched a series of discussions around inclusivity and diversity in makeup with her extensive range of foundations — 40 shades to be precise. Her Pro Filt’r series goes from super-pale for caucasian skin to super-dark for black skin, and accounts for both warm and cool undertones. The vast range of foundation shades nearly brought tears to the eyes of dozens of shoppers! But it isn’t just about the colors — Rihanna’s focus has also been on creating products with perfect texture, to make sure they go on like a second skin.

Another great product in her line (and one of Ri’s faves) is her series of Killawatt highlighters. Shades range from a gorgeous yellowy gold (Trophy Wife) to a beautiful peachy pink (Chic Phreak) and a whole slew in between. The highlighters layer smoothly over foundation, and add a dewy glow to your skin, making it look like you’ve just come back from a spa day. Every day.

glow to your skin

Pro Tip: Grab a brush, a blender, or just use your fingers — apply foundation to even out your skin tone and then draw attention to your best features with highlighter. Easy!


The Eyes Have It

As the old saying goes, well begun is half done. Once you’re satisfied with your base, it’s time to add some drama to your eyes. For a lot of us, bold lips are taboo at work. And when you keep your lippie neutral, the eyes tend to do all the talking.

lippie neutral

All-round badass Kat Von D is now a household name in the world of celebrity tattoo artists, owing to her massive success on shows like Miami Ink. But when she moved from Miami to LA, she got more than just a spinoff TV show. She parlayed her television fame and her love for makeup into an eponymous line of cosmetics. Focusing on big, bold shades, her products are the perfect choice if you want a little fun on your face. Her eye palettes are a riot of color — from deep blues to shimmery yellows, there’s a hue for everyone. And whether you prefer matte or metallic, Kat Von D is your go-to brand when you want to make a statement.

The line also has a great selection of eyebrow products for those of us lusting after brows like Cara Delevingne’s. From pomades and powders to brushes and pencils, the line promises flawless arches for one and all. And it’s not just for black, brown, or blond brows; there’s practically a rainbow of options to choose from. If you’ve always dreamed of magenta eyebrows to match your teal sweater, this is the brand for you.

magenta eyebrows

Pro Tip: Once you’ve picked your palette, swipe those jewel hues onto your lids, blending two or three shades for impact, and get ready to sashay out the door like the diva you are. Voila!


Make a Lip-tastic Impression

We’re nearly there. Once your eyes are done, only the lips need a little attention. Creating a perfect pout turns any old thing into an ‘outfit’. Swiping on some color automatically makes it look like you’ve made an effort — even without a full face of makeup.

Lip-tastic Impression

It wasn’t so long ago that everyone on the Internet was sucking the air out of shot glasses to make their lips plumper. The inspiration? Kylie Jenner. The reality star became a hot(ter) topic when she debuted her brand new lips, sending young girls everywhere looking in their kitchens for a quick fix. Madame Jenner then announced her line of lip kits — a matched lip liner and liquid lipstick — that sold out in record time after their launch. Since then, her lip kits have become a coveted beauty item, with multiple shades and combo packs being launched every few months. The shades veer more towards neutrals, but do feature a few darker, bolder ones. All in all, this isn’t one of those brands that has a lot of out-there options like blue or black — perfect for those of us who want to stand out without making a scene.

The line also boasts some staples like creme lipstick, eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, and foundation — but Kylie’s focus on full lips has renewed our interest in lip liners, and made us realize how useful they are. Especially for bolder lip colors, which tend to bleed. Besides, you can always overline your lips and claim that you didn’t get fillers — ala Kylie.

lipstick brands

Pro Tip: Exfoliate your lips, moisturize with some balm, and even out your lip color with some foundation to make the color truly pop. Simple!

Finished face, expressive eyes, and luscious lips — these celeb makeup brands have something for everyone. Whether for work or play, you’re bound to find your perfect kit. Of course, there are so many other brands to choose from, but that’s an entirely different conversation — and a rabbit hole we’re all too happy to fall into. Now that you have the low-down, we hope this makes your shopping experience a little easier — so go forth and dazzle!


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