Jockey Woman

It feels good to be understood without having to explain yourself. Doesn’t it? When you’re not being stereotyped. When you’re not being put in a box. Or generalized.

When someone understands that every woman is unique. Especially our bodies. That we come in all shapes and sizes. With different tastes. With distinctive personalities.

Not everyone gets that. But Jockey Woman does.

She understands that the times have changed. Gone are the days when lingerie was designed to look good only on perfectly-shaped models, while the rest of us were handed out cookie-cutter uniforms as underwear. Today, we expect well-fitting, good-looking lingerie for all our body types.

Jockey Woman realizes that every woman is built uniquely, and that all of us deserve exciting products. She knows, that underwear isn’t meant to be either just sexy or just functional. It must make us feel good. She even gets that our bodies change with age. Our expectations evolve. Our tastes transform. She understands that the choice of lingerie isn’t merely about the cup size.

She understands that we have a relationship with our bra. And we want this relationship to be supportive. Not constricting. Comfortable. Not boring. There might be days when we’d rather forget that we’re wearing one. And then, there might be other days, when we want it to make us feel special. More confident. More sensual.

She knows me. She knows my body and what it needs. She knows that it’s not just about the shape, colour or even size. She knows that comfort comes first. She knows every stitch counts and every texture makes a difference. She knows that curves come with edges and that edges can be beautiful too. Jockey Woman. She knows me.


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