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There’s a misconception wafting through the universe — that only women like to dress up and look good. But I beg to disagree. I think men enjoy dressing up just as much. And why shouldn’t they? Wearing a nice outfit and looking well put-together can really make a person feel good about themselves. So why should men be exempt from this basic pleasure? And just as women have to carefully decide the appropriate underwear to wear under each outfit, men do too (a fact that is often overlooked when discussing men’s fashion).

Men — I hate to break it to you, but all the effort you put in to coming up with a really suave outfit can end up in the gutter if you don’t pay as much attention to what kind of underwear to pair it with.

Not to worry, though, because I’ve got you covered with an indispensable pairing guide so you can be fashionable and comfortable, both on the inside and out.


Work-wear Chinos
jockey working dress
Chinos are a wardrobe staple for most men — because they’re the perfect blend of formal and casual wear. But wearing the wrong kind of underwear (like baggy boxers that bunch up inside your chinos) can make you look shabby rather than effortless. That’s why, it’s so important for you to invest in underwear that complements your pants. Choose a pair of briefs or boxer briefs with a snug yet comfortable fit that accentuates the silhouette of the chinos, so you can look dapper with ease when you’re going about your day.


Traveling Shorts
Traveling Shorts
Let’s be real. We all look forward to holidays — deciding on a place and carefully planning an itinerary is such a thrill! And more often than not, what we love more than planning the actual holiday is curating the perfect vacation wardrobe to take on the trip. Most often, men go for shorts for a carefree and casual vibe. But what they don’t pay much attention to is the kind of underwear to wear along with the shorts. Men, the type of trunks you choose to wear during a trip can completely define your experience. Imagine trekking in the mountains, or exploring the landscape surrounding a cabin by a lake — all in really uncomfortable underwear that rides up in places that its not supposed to. Or even better — imagine what really unflattering underwear could do to those holiday pictures of yours — you could seriously lose some Instagram cred.

You can avoid all of this by wearing underwear that work well with your travel shorts, while also giving you the best possible comfort for an action-packed vacation. Something  snug, yet breathable with moisture management and an ultra-soft waistband so you can wear them for hours at a stretch without a hitch!


Gym Pants
gym tracksuit
Working out — whether you enjoy it or not — takes quite a bit of effort. The last thing you need when you’re at the gym is underwear that holds you back from giving your 100%. Your regular boxers or briefs won’t cut it when it comes to high-intensity workouts. What you need is underwear that gives you the right amount of support, without restricting your mobility. A quick dry fabric, with great moisture management is also something you should look out for, so you can workout without feeling uncomfortable (and gross).


Skinnies are the obvious choice when you want to look cool and carefree. They’re the go to for a weekend outing, or even a date — all things that you need to look your best for. But sometimes, when your skinnies are… well… too skinny, the seam of your underwear might just show through the fabric — which isn’t all that flattering. That’s why, when you’re choosing a skinny pair of pants, you have to be careful of what kind of underwear you pair it with. Go for something seamless that has a low-rise fit, so your underwear stays under the radar while you’re out on the town.

There you have it! With this brief  introduction into the world of appropriate underwear pairings, you, my men, are ready to take on the world — fashionably.

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