• Here is a platform that embodies everything Jockey

    the beat we’re stepping to, the pace we’re moving at, and the vein we’re thinking in – all while sounding the many voices from within our diverse community. So whether you’re looking for movie recommendations, new trends, a playlist to workout to, or just good ol’ underwear advice – you’ll find it all here.
  • Jockey Woman
    It feels good to be understood without having to explain yourself. Doesn’t it? When you’re not being stereotyped. When you’re not being put in a box. Or generalized. When someone understands that every woman is unique. Especially our bodies.
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  • Famous Towel Moments in Cinema
    Towels — mundane everyday objects that we don’t really think about unless we’re stepping into the shower or we’ve left them out to dry and it starts raining. So why in the world are we talking about towels?, you might ask. In movies, no less!
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  • All the Home’s A Stage
    Many years ago, performing at a patron’s house was the best thing that could happen to a musician. The private concert would increase the prestige of the host, and would give the artist the chance to network among the upper echelon of society in
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  • Styling for a Rainy Day
    Monsoon season means soft raindrops against the windowpane, hot chai and samosas, and that uniquely unpleasant feel of wet denims. With the weather rapidly shifting from blazing heat to humid downpours, it’s time to drop your summer styles and
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  • Zumba Fever with a Retro Beat
    The Zumba Trail has blazed the whole world. with over 150 million enthusiasts acroos the globe, Zumba is one of the fastest growing fitness trends, white your moves are important, so is the way you groove to your music. Most trainers have
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  • Listen Up!
    3 Podcasts You Should be Listening to Whether you’re out walking the dog, exercising at the gym, chilling at home, or driving between places, podcasts are a great way to spend your time, while learning something new. Over the last year, all my
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