Run, Jump, Work, or Play with Athleisure

A term that originated thanks to America’s booming fitness industry in the 70s — think ‘Pumping Iron’ — today, Athleisure has grown past dour velour tracksuits, neon headbands, and risque men’s athletic shorts. These days, you can find men and women across the world dressed in chic hoodies, trendy joggers, and funky tops and t-shirts, whether they’re at the gym, hanging out with their buds, and even at work!


But can you make this look work for you? Read on to find out how you can make your gym gear suitable for everything from a high-powered work day to an evening of extreme chilling.


Working — Out & In

trendy joggers

With flexible work hours and adaptable workspaces becoming the norm, relaxed workwear can’t possibly be far behind. On those days when your workout stretches on for too long and you need to get to work ‘ASAP’, go ahead and match your brown chinos with a patterned, crew cut t-shirt to create a sporty but professional look. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can always kick it up a notch by giving your chinos a cuff and pairing them with a nice set of low-rise sneakers (Stan Smiths, I’ve got my eyes on you). The best part of it all is that this look works regardless of the weather — throw on a bomber jacket when the mercury plummets, or sit back and relax as your t-shirt’s sweat-wicking fabric keeps you cool as a cucumber in the summer heat.


A word of advice though, unless you work in a start-up or in the creative field, its always best to have a set of formal clothes at hand for meetings or when you want your attire to be a little more professional.


Hanging Out/Staying In

formal clothes

When you’re out on the town with your friends and looking to make heads turn, athleisure is what you need in your life. Couple funky joggers — in red, green, or yellow (if, and only if, you can pull it off) with a crew neck jumper or sweater to create that just-off-the-track vibe. You can take this look even further by pairing a cap or beanie with your favourite sports team’s emblem on it. As usual, sneakers are your best friends and and a pair of Jordans will go a long way in completing this look for you.


Of course, if you’re going out on a hot summer day and feel like you’d probably sweat to death under all those layers, don’t fret. You can also stand out in a pair of boardshorts with a well-fitted tee, as long as you make sure to accessories it with a cool pair of shades and some light espadrilles.


Whether its for work or for funsies, athleisure can take your look from 0 to 100 — while still being flattering, comfortable, and unique. Choose from Jockey’s wide variety in the athleisure series and get ready to play, relax, or just do nothing.


Fond of hoarding books, playing rugby, exploring music, and saving puns for future use, Varun is a “lover and a fighter”. Find him on Facebook to discuss why Carnatic music is so much like heavy metal or why Tyrion actually sits on the Iron Throne!

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