Sock It! — Unusual Uses for Socks

I’ve had an obsession with socks for as far as I can remember. I bet I was the only 11-year-old I knew who had not one, but two drawers dedicated to socks. Peds, ankle-highs, knee-highs, stockings — you name it, I had it. But my obsession got really intense around 8th grade. Back then, I worshipped Matthew Gray Gubler —  infamous for wearing ridiculously fun, mismatched socks; this high school unrequited romance didn’t really help me reign my fervor in. His grandma once told him that wearing mismatched socks was lucky — and boy did he buy into that, and well, so did I. That’s the nudge I needed to push my sock-mania over the edge.

And once you’re off the edge, you can unlock the full potential of the mighty sock. If you let your imagination soar, a sock can do a whole lot more:

1. Socks as a hair tie

If you have long hair, you must be all too familiar with the biggest problem plaguing your kind — randomly losing scrunchies and never having one on hand when you need it most. But hey, if you have a sock lying around, you can use it as a scrunchie to tie your hair! It’ll keep it nice and secure while adding a pop of color to your hair style.

2. DIY Sock Pack 

Whether you got hurt while playing football, or tripped down a flight of stairs, getting hurt is never fun. And it’s even less fun if you don’t have an ice pack or heating pad on hand when you need it. Lucky for you, a simple sock can help you solve this problem lickety-split! Just add some uncooked rice into a sock and tie it into a ball. Then, put it in the freezer if you want an ice pack, or in the oven if you want a heating pad, and voila! Relaxation and pain relief is just a sock away!

3. DIY Sock Puppets

If you’re ever pushed to the brink of boredom, try making a sock puppet. Trust me, you could do wonders with some thread, buttons, and a sock. Use it as an outlet for your inner creativity, or even to try out different accents and you’ll find yourself thoroughly entertained by the banter between you, and well, a sock.

4. Sock Beer Koozie

A sock is ideal to wrap around a chilled can of beer (or any other beverage) to let you enjoy the drink when it’s icy cool, without hurting your hands. Simply slide the sock onto the can (like a sweater!), and that’s all there is to it.

5. Sock Duster

Getting rid of dust that gets accumulated on things in your home can be a real task, especially when it settles in nooks and corners that are hard to reach with a regular duster. Well, just put on a sock on your hand like a glove and dust away! The shape of your hand will help you get into those tricky corners and have your house look spic and span.

6. Sock Pin Cushion

If you’re into embroidery or stitching, you would know just how annoying trying to keep all your pins and needles in one place can be. Your thread of troubles has a really easy fix — just cut an old sock into half, and stuff the half that is closed on one side with cotton. Then, simply stitch up the open end for a cute DIY pin cushion!

7. Impromptu Skating

Do you have the urge to go skating but don’t have the skates? Well, put on a pair of soft socks and put your smooth marble floors to use! “Skating” (or rather, sliding) on smooth floors with socks on can be a whole lot of fun! So, don’t forget to ask your friends to carry along some socks to your next slumber party.

Now go on — rummage through your sock drawer and go wild. You’ll soon find that your little feet warmers can socksuccessfully knock your socks off!

Image Credits: Thejaswini Chandran (IG: Treehugger4774)

Kavya can be quite the oddball—from her taste in music to how she chooses to dress. She is a lover of all puns and dry absurdist humour, and her existential angst goes out the window when she’s hanging out with her dog. Follow her on instagram (__K.jpg), she promises to keep you entertained!


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