Sweat it out: Tackling today’s problems with Pilates

In the early twentieth century, a man named Joseph Pilates created a fitness technique to strengthen the mind and body. Fast forward a hundred years, and you can find a Pilates class offered at almost every gym. But what makes this fitness routine so popular, especially with young adults? It may be the way this technique fits into today’s fast-paced lifestyle.


Pilates offers myriad benefits that help solve many of the issues young adults face, such as:

Neck, Shoulder, and Back Pain

While increased screen time is an inescapable part of 21st century life, it wreaks havoc on our neck, shoulders, and back. In fact, a study conducted by thegoodbody.com found that 54% of Americans who experienced back problems spent the majority of their workday sitting. That’s where Pilates can help. Certain movements and stretches in the discipline straighten your posture and strengthen your neck, shoulders, and back — so you can go through your day pain-free!

A stressful, fast-paced life

Sometimes we just need to de-stress after a long week, and Pilates is the perfect choice. It helps regulate your breathing, keeps you grounded in the moment, and goes a long way in slowing down life’s hectic pace. And the best part? You can carry those lessons with you into everyday life, so eventually you won’t need to physically be in a Pilates class to beat stress day-to-day.



We live in a world where connection, through social media and communication technology, is taken for granted. Yet, two in ten adults in the US and UK and 18% of young people in India feel lonely, lack companionship, or feel left out or isolated. Pilates classes can help you meet new people in your community, giving you a structured space where you can socialize with people who hold similar interests.
Boredom and restlessness

Although we have entertainment literally at our fingertips, one of our biggest complaints is boredom and inability to concentrate on a single task. The structure of a Pilates class can help with that, focusing on improving concentration and urging you to push boundaries and challenge yourself physically. Beating the hardest level of Candy Crush has nothing on mastering a mat exercise that’s been giving you trouble!


Pilates is a discipline aimed at stimulating the mind, which makes it the right fit for many of the problems young adults face today. And while it’s not a complete fix, it can be a step in the right direction towards a healthier, happier you. So why not take this chance to look up your nearest Pilates class and get moving!

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