Thermal Versatility

The term ’thermals’ brings about the image of safety in my mind instantly. Something that keeps you warm, safe, snug even. But recently, I feel like I’ve been having more fun with my winter innerwear. For one, I’ve stopped treating it like innerwear completely. Sure, it’s a happy layer to buckle up my body with in the cold winters. But I’ve realized, it’s also something I feel safe enough to go about wearing just as it is.

On a recent trip to Dehradun and Mussoorie, I learned that sitting in a hotel room or strolling through a pleasant evening means finding the balance between ‘too cold’ and ‘enjoying the weather’. I never want to throw on an unnecessary number of layers (think: bra, shirt, two jackets, scarf!), but would rather dial that number down and be smart about the fabrics I’m wearing instead.

The joggers and top you’re seeing me wear from the Jockey collection in today’s blog are my idea of the perfect balance. They’re cozy, comfortable, and extremely durable not only through winters but also multiple washes – the fabric quality is among the superior ones in the product segment across the market.

While I wore the two pieces  – by themselves as well as with other separates – I found a unique way of quirking things up! The mismatched socks trend is something I’ve always been a lover of (you might even spot me in a mismatched set of earrings every now and then). I found it to be an interesting way of making my all thermal looks be a tad bit more ‘me’. Everyone does this, from students to professionals, but sometimes you see it and sometimes you don’t – today, I’m showing it to you!

A quick little tip I want to give you before I go is this – remember to always style what you’re wearing in a way that’s as in sync with your personal style as possible. Whether it’s an all-white, all-black, or a head-to-toe winter look – keep it as you as you can. I especially want to remind you that if you’re headed somewhere cold soon, this is a set I’d highly recommend!

P.S. Here’s a quick link for you to check out the entire range –


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