This Christmas, Think Out-of-the-box!

Christmas is right around the corner and the air is brimming with excitement! It’s the time for decorations, Christmas songs (Cue: All I want For Christmas is You — Mariah Carey), delicious holiday foods, and of course, presents!

Now as much as we all love receiving presents on Christmas, finding things to give our loved ones can leave us scratching our heads. I for one have been facing this problem for quite some time now. And after years of giving mediocre presents that neither party (giver or receiver) were too thrilled about, I decided to turn to the best advisor I know to find some cool, unique, and unforgettable presents… I turned to the internet. So gather around.

  1. Book/ Library subscription 

Christmas library

We all know that a library is a book worm’s haven — so a subscription to one would make a sweet Christmas present for a friend who’s always got their head deep in a book. And if you don’t have a library around, gift them a monthly book subscription box instead.

  1. Molecular Gastronomy Kit


If you have a friend who’s watched way too many episodes of Masterchef and wants to get experimental in the kitchen, then you’re bound to satisfy the food nerd in them with a  Molecular Gastronomy Kit.

  1. Retro Desktop Arcade Machine

Arcade Machine

The 80s are making a comeback, and friends of yours who have hopped on the bandwagon would love this adorable Retro Desktop Arcade Machine as a Christmas present.

  1. Nice and Naughty List

Making a Nice and Naughty list for your friends is a fun idea for the holidays. All you have to do is list out their qualities — the nice ones and the not-so-nice ones — onto a piece of paper. You can decorate it to fit the festive theme, and voila! It’s an easy DIY, while being memorable and thoughtful — celebrating the true Christmas spirit.

  1. A Taste of Japan

Christmas present

For friends who are obsessed with Anime, or are just fascinated by Japanese culture in general, a Japanese subscription box is the perfect Christmas present. You could gift them one with snacks, makeup, or even cute trinkets — based on what they like.

  1. Cruelty-free bath/beauty products

Help a pal indulge their skin-care habit without the guilt by gifting them some cruelty-free skin-care products. From face masks and makeup to beard washes and oils, you’re bound to find something that your friend would gladly add to their self-care routine!

  1. VR Headset Glasses

Headset Glasses

Virtual Reality tech is one of the coolest inventions to come about in recent years. And it’s something a lot of us want to get our hands on. So what better present to gift a friend than a set of VR Headset Glasses!

  1. Special Stationery

Christmas gift

If you’ve got a friend who’s a stationery fanatic — well they’re in for a real treat. Surprise them with a bunch of luxurious stationery. This present is so adorable, your friend will probably have to think twice before using it.

  1. An Experience

Though the above listed gifts are pretty rad, the best present you could give a friend, in my book, has got to be an experience. Be it a cooking class, Japanese lessons, a spa session, or a concert they’ve been looking forward to — you name it — gifting a friend an experience that they will truly enjoy is an easy way to make Christmas memorable for them.

I sure hope this little list of mine nudges you in the right direction to get your friends a bunch of presents that they’re going to adore. That is, if you don’t end up keeping them all for yourself.

Kavya can be quite the oddball—from her taste in music to how she chooses to dress. She is a lover of all puns and dry absurdist humour, and her existential angst goes out the window when she’s hanging out with her dog. Follow her on instagram (__K.jpg), she promises to keep you entertained!

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